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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can student loan counseling help me?

MMI's personalized student loan counseling program is designed to assist borrowers in securing a manageable student loan payment and a more stable financial future.

Through a confidential one-on-one comprehensive counseling session, you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of who you owe and how much you owe;
  • Assess your repayment options, including available income-specific plans, deferments, forbearances, loan forgiveness, and more;
  • Take the appropriate action to balance your debts and your financial goals;
  • Explore how to rehabilitate student loans that have gone into default; and
  • Create a monthly budget you can live with.

How much does student loan counseling cost?

At MMI, we understand that unmanageable student loan debt is more than a financial issue; it can be one of the scariest and most financially devastating experiences a young person or family may encounter. That’s why MMI's trained and compassionate student loan counselors offer much more than unbiased student loan education and advice. MMI's Student Loan Counseling Program, carefully priced at $159, aims to address all financial concerns and includes a realistic action plan to assist you in establishing long-tern financial stability. Counseling fees may vary depending on a person’s inability to pay the full price or to support a discounted rate offered through a partnering organization.

How long does the student loan counseling process take?

MMI's student loan counseling sessions generally last an hour; however, counselors are prepared to spend as much time as need to gain a clear understanding of your current financial situation in an effort to make the most appropriate recommendations.

What information am I responsible for providing during the session?

During your student loan counseling session, you and your counselor will review the following:

  • Income and living expenses to assist in developing a realistic budget and spending plan.
  • Most recent student loan account information, such as current balances, status, and payment details.

You can access your most recent student loan information by visiting NSLDS.ed.gov. To access your file, you'll need your NSLDS Student Access site PIN. If you no longer have access to your PIN, you can change or reestablish your PIN at PIN.ed.gov